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Re: [seul-edu] High School Educational Programs

well, if you use mandrake it comes with a virus scaner (boxed version) and 
this is only so that you don't pass any onto window users.

i can't believe i forgot those research tools! like i said, "Many 
things aren't in people's everyday life so its easy to look them over."
Yes, these are EXTREAMLY important! though, i've used them before and all you 
really need is a Google like search engine. Does Google make their search 
engine OSS? maybe they would be willing to donate? I'm sure that if we needed 
to make one it wouldn't be too hard, it may take some time, but once going it 
should be easy. I know my school uses one that just queries a web site. maybe 
we could interface with it. I'll check tomarrow.