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[seul-edu] New application that may be useful

I'm not including this in the educational application index because
I'm not sure just how useful it may be.  However, there may be
places with old Sun SPARC systems that would be willing to donate
them, so I'm letting you know about this:


"The SPARC-Linux Xterminal package allows a diskless, low-memory,
SPARC workstation to be used as an xterminal. The concept is
basically that of Seth Robertson's "Xkernel", in that the
workstation runs a cut-down, Unix kernel and an X-server process,
but very little else. This configuration enables low-end,
limited-memory machines to run X-based applications at a speed
approaching that of the server. "

As you can see, this is similar to the K12LTSP project except that
it runs on old, obsolescent Sun hardware.

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