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[seul-edu] General Education Online Status Report 2002 No 1


The time for another General Education Online Status Report has come around

In the past few months, General Education Online has rapidly become one of
the premier websites providing a link database to higher educational
facilities worldwide.

In 2001, General Education Online received some 1.3 million webhits (of
which over 330,000 were actual visitors) and provided over 20 GB worth of
data to visitors of the website.  GEO also released v2.00, which should
have its first 'bugfix' release coming out soon.

Yesterday, when the question came up as to how General Education Online
would handle educational facilities outside of the traditional 2-year /
4-year categories (Community Colleges / Universities), it spawned another
discussion relating to whether or not General Education Online should add
K-12 schools to its listing and what types of 'expanded' information the
site should provide.

From those discussions, I would like to re-iterate my personal commitment
to General Education Online, which has become successful far beyond my
wildest dreams.  I would also like to announce that General Education
Online will, once the new 'Category' field is properly 'debugged' and the
administrative interfaces finished, pursue and implement those features
necessary to add the information suggested in the discussions last night,
to speed up the addition of k-12 schools to the list, and to make the
website a truly international experience.

To that end, I would greatly appreciate any help with internationalizing
geo by translating it's content into as many languages as possible.

If you would like to help with either the translations or the development
of General Education Online in general, please contact me.

Michael Viron <mviron@findaschool.org>
Project Manager / Primary Developer
General Education Online