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Re: [seul-edu] [Fwd: thoughts on teaching programming]

On Friday 04 January 2002 16:10, you wrote:

> I teach a small module in an "information processing" course that
> introduces programming concepts of variables, control structures, and
> simple I/O, so that kids get the basic idea of it. Who cares about the
> language. Something simple that doesn't require too much setup is good for
> this class (everyone has to take it in our school).


First, I agree with the article that began this thread.  Both C++ and Java 
are horrid first programming languages.  (This from one who first learned 
Fortran II with IOCS on an IBM 1130.)

I teach a university class on advanced software applications.  Because of the 
requirements of the department, the students are exposed to Visual Basic and 
Java (as well as the "sacred three" PC applications, plus web authoring) 
during a 15 week class.  Frankly, I would be very, very happy to delete these 
two languages from the course, but my department chair insists.

I'd like to start the class with Perl because it works well with the database 
and CGI portions of the class.  I'd also like to teach it strictly Linux / 
Unix, but that won't happen either.

This is an interesting discussion.  Thanks for your ideas.

jeff williams - cfiaime@nconnect.net