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[seul-edu] Oversight remedied

Do you know, that in all our efforts to get things ready for a
release today we never agreed on who would send the announcement
out?  I saw that David has done so to OSS and Newsforge (and
probably some other sites), but it wasn't showing up anywhere else
that I knew of.  I checked with William and he hadn't done any mass
mailing either.  So I've just emailed the initial announcement to
every address in the media database Les set up for us.  Anyone else
who's waiting, cry havoc and let slip the announcement of
coalition!  (For our non-native english speakers who I've just
confused horribly, that's a paraphrase of a line from Shakespeare.
Just send the announcement out, OK? :-) )

Doug Loss                 All I want is a warm bed
Data Network Coordinator  and a kind word and
Bloomsburg University     unlimited power.
dloss@bloomu.edu                Ashleigh Brilliant