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Re: [seul-edu] Crossword Application?

Here's a project that is slightly different from the previously mentioned
ones: http://dangermouse.brynmawr.edu/edventure/plugins/Misc/Crossword/

This one doesn't generate the puzzle for you, but if you take a plain text
matrix of words, and some hints, it will create a Web-based CGI Crossword
puzzle. You then can fill in the letters, and at any time check to see if you
got any correct. Crossword is a short hack in Perl.

(This is a plugin for a larger system called Edventure, a course management
system, that I'll be announcing here shortly...)


Les Richardson <richl@mail.tfsd.sk.ca> said:

> Is there a good crossword puzzle generator in the open source world?
> Les Richardson 

Douglas S. Blank,       Assistant Professor         
dblank@brynmawr.edu,          (610)526-6501
Bryn Mawr College,  Computer Science Program
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