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Re: [seul-edu] Move to schoolforge-discuss

Roman Suzi wrote:

> On Wed, 16 Jan 2002, Doug Loss wrote:
> > I haven't heard from anyone on this list about my idea of
> > mass-subscribing us all to the schoolforge-discuss mailing list and
> > moving the general discussion of Linux in education over there,
> I hope SEUL/Edu maillist will not cease to exists...
> As for mass-subscribing, I think that it could be done
> with confirm option:
> - everyone will receive a confirmation note and if he/she
> replies, then he/she is on the list. If not - it's
> his/her decision...

I wasn't planning to immediately kill the seul-edu mailing list, but to
move general discussion traffic to the schoolforge-discuss list and see
what kind of traffic is left on the seul-edu list.  I suspect the traffic

on seul-edu will be very low and might justify removing it, but until we
actually _know_ that that would be true I don't plan to get rid of it.

As to the confirmation note, I suspect that shouldn't be too difficult to

do.  In fact, if you want to subscribe to schoolforge-discuss right now,
just send a message to majordomo@seul.org with "subscribe
schoolforge-discuss" in the message body.

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