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> From: "Prevett, Larry" <Prevettl@cochise.edu>
> To: "'seul-edu@seul.org'" <seul-edu@seul.org>
> Subject: Bioinformatics
> I found a very interesting article on Beginning Bioinformatics
> http://www.perl.com/pub/a/2002/01/02/bioinf.html
> This article is related to a new book, "Beginning Perl
> for Bioinformatics", from O'Reilly Books.
> The article talks about cross-training programmers
> and biologists, and about upcoming trends in job
> markets that students interested in biology might
> find informative.
> Apparently, Unix/Linux tools are very useful in
> bioinformatics.
> Does anyone know of any simple but interesting
> bioinformatics activities for high school
> students involving Linux? I'm looking for some
> labs that explain a little bit about what
> bioinformatics is and have some activities tied
> to one or more Linux applications.
> L. Prevett
> Mathematics Instructor
> Cochise College, Sierra Vista, AZ, US
> prevettl@cochise.cc.az.us

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