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[Fwd: Re: [seul-edu] list traffic]

owner-seul-edu@seul.org wrote:

> From: Jim Thomas <jthomas@bittware.com>
> To: seul-edu@seul.org
> Subject: Re: [seul-edu] list traffic
> I was hoping to avoid subscribing, because I found all the schoolforge
> stratagizing that was going on here to be wearisome.  I'm hoping
> seul/edu stays alive and is a place where people can come to find about
> about new software packages or get help with linux in K12 in general -
> in other words, I was hoping the seul/edu list would return to its
> former self.

Well, the new software packages will still be listed here.  As for the
Schoolforge strategizing, that is now on the schoolforge-core mailing list
to which only the member group representatives belong.  The
schoolforge-discuss list is where we're talking about Linux in K12 in
general, and basically _is_ the old seul-edu list in tenor.  Try it, Jim; I
think you'll like it!

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