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[seul-edu] ANNOUNCE: New Release - iKnow Personal Knowledge Processor

I am pleased to announce the first release of iKnow, a Personal Knowledge
Processor. I would be very grateful if you would attempt to download and
install this application, and give me feedback as to what problems you run

The Open Slate project page is here: 

Scroll down until you come to Latest File Releases. The release notes are
the installation instructions. I also posted the PDF version of the
introduction, which is all the user documentation I have as yet. To get
there, and to the gzipped tarball, click on the Download link on the right
side of the entry. The installation notes and introduction are included in
the tarball.

System Requirements

iKnow is written entirely in tcl/tk, with additional support for
graphics supplied by ImageMagick. Although tcl/tk can be used to
create cross-platform applications, at this time iKnow is only known
to run under FreeBSD and Mandrake Linux; it should run on any popular
Linux distribution. iKnow uses a GUI, so X must be up and running.

tcl/tk is included on many distributions, and more likely than not is
already installed on your system. iKnow requires tcl/tk version 8.4 or
newer.  If it is not installed, check your distribution source. For
FreeBSD, tcl and tk are not in the same place in the ports collection;
tcl is in /usr/ports/lang while tk is in /usr/ports/x11-toolkits. For
more information about tcl/tk, visit http://www.tcl.tk/

iKnow requires two of the command-line programs that are components of
ImageMagick. The programs used are display and convert. This is a very
popular package and may already be installed on your system. For
FreeBSD it is available from the ports collection under
/usr/ports/graphics. For more information about ImageMagick, visit

To learn more about what iKnow does, read the introduction pdf file
described above.

All comments welcome!


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