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[seul-edu] [OT] beacon under fire

I just read this news (below) about the Beacon School, and thought that
some of SEUL-EDU's members might understand the important
educational-issues Beacon advocates, and inscribes upon young pioneers.

Here's the summary:
-- Beacon Portfolios Under Fire Commissioner Rules; Consortium Responds --

"... On Tuesday April 24th, New York State Education Commissioner Richard
Mills released his ruling stating that the Beacon School and more than 30
other schools statewide that use similiar graduation standards must,
instead, conform to required high-stakes standardized tests. The
Commissioner's ruling was not unexpected, and our schools have been quick
to respond. Parents and supporters are invited to take part in our protest
of Mills' ruling by attending the May 7th rally in Albany and by sending
letters and emails to state officials by using this page. ..."

Here's Beacon's impressive PHP advocacy form:

This blurb describes that attitude that fuels the GNU/Linux presence at
Beacon School:	

Chris-- the PHP (advocacy) form left me speechless; impressive.

Raptor-- Beacon's educational philosophies seem to be close to SLC's. Any
ideeas about how we can help support the cause?

"... While traditional testing is used at Beacon, our students'
performance is largely assessed through interdisciplinary projects,
completed individually and in groups. ..."

The disinterested-- I apologize for the extra kilobytes.

good luck, Beacon!
Please let me know how things go after the May 7th rally!

Sarah Lawrence College 1999