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[seul-edu] Announcing a CUE Call for presentations at CUE under the Digital HighSchool program

Fron the CUE (Computer-Using Educators)front page.  www.cue.org

I represented SEUL-edu at this conference last fall.  It is an awesome
adventure to be buried in all of the teaching stuff vendors.

CUE has once again asked Futurekids School Technology Solutions to
facilitate the "Digital High School Best Practices" exhibit at the
upcoming CUE conference. As part of the exhibit, we are currently
seeking interested parties to demonstrate their accomplishments under
the Digital High School program. Our goal is to bring together educators
from around the state to share their examples of real-world
implementation of curriculum integration, teaching techniques, and other
accomplishments. Teachers, administrators, and students are welcome to
submit an application to become a presenter or display their project at
the event. For more information or a copy of the application please
visit www.futurekidsla.com/dhs/callforpresenters.html  or e-mail