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Re: [seul-edu] Musical notation editor & midi sequencer

McClamrock Dave wrote:
> I use Rosegarden and like it.  RPMs for Rosegarden
> should be available from any site that SuSE 7.1 can be
> downloaded from.  (An earlier RPM that came with SuSE
> 6.4, if I recall correctly, contained a bug that
> prevented any files from being saved, but the version
> that comes with 7.1 doesn't have the bug.)

After recommending that Rosegarden be added to the list, I figured I
ought to take another look at it.  I'm glad I made the recommendation. 
It's a very slick application!  I'm also glad for your bug report,
because I ran into it.  I'll DL version 7.1 as soon as I can...

Now I'm playing with the idea of giving our music teacher a second HD,
installing Linux/LILO/Rosegarden on it.  I think I'll demo the app for
him before I go through the trouble though.  

Now I'm wishing I had gotten soundcards w/headphones for the PC's in our
Linux lab!

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