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[seul-edu] Embedded Linux Journal Contest -- "Win a NIC"

There is currently a contest being run by the Embedded Linux Journal in
which they are giving away 25 NIC's, an inexpensive Internet Appliance that
runs linux!  It has an ethernet card and cdrom drive.

Recently there has been some talk about making a bootable GNU/Linux cdrom
for use in educational applications for both ease and security.  What if we
combined these two things.

I would love to be the one to do this, but haven't the time; I am currently
working on the last ELJ contest :)

But what I was thinking is having the NIC boot off of the cdrom and then
have it talk to a file/application server.  Haven't thought it over much,
just an idea.

You can find more info at:

Any suggestions/takers?

   /\/\    | Keith O'Hara 
  /    \   | Rowan University
 // /\ \\  | ohara@elvis.rowan.edu 
( \ \/ / ) | http://elvis.rowan.edu/~ohara/