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Re: [seul-edu] youngsters logging in

Harry McGregor wrote:
> Ok, sorry I am getting into this thread late...

No need to apologize.  All input is welcome.

> Now here is the big thing:  No passwords.  We set our PAM config to permit
> null passwords for local GDM login, but not for SSH, (or if it was their,
> telnet), or even text console login.

This just won't work in my situation since mine is a K12 school.  I have
decided to go with KDE2 so that usernames can be entered via a mouse
click, and use weak passwords for the younger crowd.  Their accounts
will be locked by default.  I will put together an app that the teacher
can run to unlock the accounts for one class.  They will automatically
relock after five minutes.

At first I was thinking it'd be a bash script run as root, but now I'm
leaning towards an suid C program so the teacher doesn't have to log in
as root.

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