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[seul-edu] [Fwd: Library management software]

I looked at the website below, and I can't find anything about this software at all.
Could someone else see if they can find anything and point us to it?  Thanks.

owner-seul-edu@seul.org wrote:

> From: sundaram@indya.com
> To: seul-edu@seul.org
> Subject: Library management software
> Respected sirs,
>                 We have developed a library
> management software at a very low price of
> 100$.This Software will have a complete control
> over the books as well as the members. If you
> are interested in buying the software please
> mail us.
> sundaram@indya.com
>                 Thank You
>                              sincerely yours,
>                               Sundar
> Enjoy being an Indyan at http://www.indya.com

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