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Re: [Fwd: Re: [seul-edu] Looking for math curriculum]

I'm getting into this late, but if the quiz questions you suggest are
mainly multiple choice, CCOC(http://cybercen.kathweb.net/distrib/) will do
a fine job of serving them up and grading. 

On another point, people are lazy, and some very good at testing(i can't
speak for remedial classes), so not allowing a student to take a test
because they don't do the work for laziness reasons, is pretty mean, not
doing that test could ruin there life(exageration? :)

But thats just me, CCOC can do a fine job of offering up the quizes, and i
suggest another carrot, allow the students to fill out anonymous surveys
on the test, and how they felt about it, my software can handle this also
:) this way if the students find something they don't like, and they've
passed the stick, they can comment on it, the least you can give a student
is the option to comment.

Alex Botero-Lowry