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[seul-edu] New educational (?) app--logical thought

I just saw on Linux Weekly News, Daily Updates that Loki is going to
port CogniToy's game MindRover to Linux.  This could be considered
educational (and this may be debatable) because the object of the
game is to design and program robots to accomplish specific, varied
tasks.  Here's CogniToy's description:

"CogniToy's first game, MindRover, takes gamers to Europa, one of
Jupiter's moons, in an intriguing new title designed to bring
intellectual challenges back to competitive gaming. This year, we
have introduced a game that smashes the traditional genre
boundaries; we call it "3D strategy/programming." With an immersive
3D environment, a compelling soundtrack, and its innovative
graphical wiring system, MindRover asks the gamer to think more and
twitch less."

Here's the CogniToy website:


This game isn't currently available for Linux; Loki will start
shipping it on May 23.

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