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[seul-edu] Not exactly an educational app

Many of you may remember our early conversations about Bruno
Vernier's EduML XML specification for educational data.  If not,
it's worth your while to go to our projects page and take a look at
the EduML links there.  I'm sure that Bruno will be willing to
answer any questions you may have about the current state or EduML
and its progress.  Anyway, one of my concerns back then was how to
store the EduML data easily (i.e., not in a horribly large number of
XML ASCII files).  We looked at the Casbah Project
<http://www.casbah.org/>, but nothing ever came of that.

I just came across eXist <http://exist.sourceforge.net/>, which
sounds like what I was looking for.  This isn't specifically an
educational program, but I think it might make a very good
infrastructure addition to any project looking to store and use data
in an XML format.

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