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[seul-edu] [Fwd: Re: Question about Edventure]

Thanks for the words of encouragement, Doug.  I can always use them!

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From: Douglas S. Blank <dblank@brynmawr.edu>
To: Doug Loss <drloss@suscom.net>
Subject: Re: Question about Edventure
Date: 14 May 2003 16:33:59 -0400

Hi Doug! First, I wanted to give you some words of encouragement: Your 
call to have people evaluate the next set of apps does more than you 
know. For example, when you announced that Edventure was on the list to 
be evaluated, it sparked some people that I work with to finish off a 
couple of things that had been languishing. So, it may seem that you may 
have to snap the whip a bit and you might not see people rushing around, 
but they are!

Now, to the question at hand: yes people are using Edventure. There are 
a couple of main sites (Bryn Mawr College and University of Arkansas, 
Fayetteville) and some others from around the world (see 
http://emergent.brynmawr.edu/index.cgi/EdventureInstitutionCodes for 
those schools that have registered themselves).

There is the Open Knowledge Initiative coming out soon, and I hope to 
augment Edventure withit, somehow.

It is a server project (PHP-based), but could be used in K-12 and beyond.



Doug Loss wrote:
> Douglas,
>    As you know, we're working on an ISO of educational software 
> <http://www.seul.org/edu/iso.html> for Linux at the SEUL/edu project.
> Our main requirement for applications to be included on this ISO is that
> they be scholastically useful.  We've been evaluating as many of the 
> apps that we know about as we can, but the effort is languishing as many
> volunteer projects do.  I've determined that any app that is currently
> being used in one or more schools has de facto demonstrated that it is
> scholastically useful and has passed our Phase 2 evaluation.
>    That brings me to my question.  Is Edventure currently in use in a
> school?  If so, I can put it on the Phase 2 list.  Thanks for your help!

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