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From: Rildo Pragana <rildo@pragana.net>
To: Doug Loss <drloss@suscom.net>
Subject: Re: Question about Quadronegro
Date: 17 May 2003 16:28:53 -0300

Hi Doug,

On 15 May 2003, Doug Loss wrote:

>    As you may know, we're working on an ISO of educational software
> <http://www.seul.org/edu/iso.html> for Linux at the SEUL/edu project.
> Our main requirement for applications to be included on this ISO is that
> they be scholastically useful (we're focusing on K12 schools).  We've
> been evaluating as many of the apps that we know about as we can, but
> the effort is languishing as many volunteer projects do.  I've
> determined that any app that is currently being used in one or more
> schools has de facto demonstrated that it is scholastically useful and
> has passed our Phase 2 evaluation.
>    That brings me to my question.  Is Quadronegro currently in use in a
> school?  If so, I can put it on the Phase 2 list.  Thanks for your help!

Thanks for your interest in my software.
Quadronegro (blackboard in portuguese) was written to fulfill my own
needs for educational software, and I have used it in several courses.
Later, I replaced it with VebKlaso (web+class in Esperanto), a better
and more flexible application for about the same needs (see
http://www.vebklaso.com). It is not yet free, but maybe someday I'll put
it in GPL.
I'm not aware in any school using Quadronegro in a real course, sorry.
Anyway, I would be happy to help anyone interested in making it useful.

best regards,
 Rildo Pragana                   FPGA/uControllers * Linux * tcl/tk
 R.Joaquim Nabuco,92/302 Derby   http://www.pragana.net
 Recife, PE - Brazil 52011-000   +55-81-3223-5694

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