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xletters patch + packaging question

I checked out your xletters program at
http://www.eleves.ens.fr:8080/home/madore/xletters.tgz. I had
problems compiling it, because apparently my kernel (2.0.29)
includes fail to mention MAP_FAILED (though they mention
MAP_SHARED and other standard defines). I did a simple patch of

#ifndef MAP_FAILED
#define MAP_FAILED ((void*)-1)

in config.h and it compiled cleanly. You might want to consider
including that patch in the distribution (it can only help :)

Anyway..nice program! It looks much more professional than other
linux typing tutors I've seen. Do you have plans to make it more
complex (words moving sideways that are worth extra points, etc)?

Also, do you have rpm's available for it? If not, would you mind
if we packaged it for inclusion in the Independence distribution

Thanks for your time,
--Roger (SEUL Sysarch, www.seul.org)