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Re: Micah's menu program

>>>EAMorical == EAMorical@aol.com wrote at Tue, 10 Nov 1998 10:07:24 -0400 :

> I believe we need
>to put together a project that's small enough to accomplish but big enought
>be significant. Another thought is can we work with gnone by doing something

>in connection with them. We'll come up with something.

I agree, and I think we have a few very good candidates right now.  Micah's
launchpad is something we should run with, David Madore's typing game ought
to get some attention, and a gradebook program should be high on our priority
 list (I got private mail from a fellow who is very interested in pursuing
that; I asked him to subscribe to the list and to help gather a team for that
 purpose).  The Linux Tutor program about Linux and more generally about
computers could also be very useful.

I absolutely think we ought to work with the GNOME project.  Arturo Espinosa
Aldama is on this mailing list and I think some of the things we're talking
about here could be helpful to his Scholar Net program.  I also think
internationalizing whatever we come up with should be a priority.  If we
don't show a US- or North American-centric mindset we may get useful input
and assistance from many more Linux community members.

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