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Re: Linux Educational Projects Worldwide

EAMorical@aol.com wrote:
> I guess the question is do we want a link to lxk12 on the Linux Educational
> Projects Worldwide web page?

I don't think they really _have_ a website to link to.  If we list
mailing lists having to do with Linux in education, that's where they
should go.

> Question do we want to be international and carry other language links marking
> them as such. Extra work, however valuable for multilingual people. I started
> to say non-English reading people, but they wouldn't be able to read to get
> there anyway.

Although the question wasn't to me, I think we should be as
international as we can be.  After all, it's SEUL, not SAEUL (Simple,
American, End-User Linux).  Although most of the links would be lost on
me (English, some German, little else), I think they could be quite
useful to others and could enhance our value to the Linux community.

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