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Linux on Macs

I bought a Mac Quadra 630 last night.  It has a Motorola 68040 CPU,
which means it will have to run Linux m68k.  That is the least stable
Linux for the Mac line, which is one of the reasons I bought this
machine.  These are also some of the oldest, least expensive, Macs
available, which might make them desireable for cash-strapped schools to
pick up for a Linux experiment.  The primary use of this machine will be
for educational software for my 6-yr.-old son, but I intend to also put
Linux on it to test the various things we come up with.

I got this via an auction on eBay <http://www.ebay.com>.  It has 36 MB
RAM, a 1 GB Seagate HD, and MacOS 8.1 (no monitor).  My winning bid was
$264.99.  If you know what you want eBay can give you some amazing deals
on occasion.

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