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Re: GNOME gradebook

On Sat, Nov 14, 1998 at 01:05:51PM -0500, Justin Maurer wrote:
> ok, i just read some of the list archives and am rather excited. i am
> the author of the gnome gradebook which has stirred a little discussion
> on the list. those who are curious may check out
> http://mike911.clark.net/~acf/hacks
> this has served as motiviation to get me hacking =)


while the link to the actual source is not available yet :-), the screenshot
looks promising.

Can I put in a plea for a text based version of the markbook?  This is a
real issue because in a couple of the schools I serve, we have a policy that
the good computers go for student use while teachers get the leftovers
(which cannot run X-windows)

My dream is to do with the markbook data something like HTML which can be
viewed by lynx or by netscape. This applies to all other things educational.

There is a major project at http://www.imsproject.org  which is developing
courseware standards for all educational software on the planet.  While I
still don't know just what kind of animal is CORBA,  I definitively sense
that the project is going in the right direction.... it would make all
software (commercial and freeware) interoperable and has a crack at ending
the insane repetition of effort going on everywhere.

Justin, I hope that gbook will eventually conform to that emerging standard...