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Re: Launchpad and the GNOME panel

Doug writes:
<What I was thinking is that if Micah's launchpad could be made to work
>with the GNOME panel it could give us the benefits of At Ease without
>dumbing down the standard user interface of GNOME.  I freely admit that
>I don't know enough about the GNOME panel to know if this is a
>reasonable idea to pursue, but if it is this could allow a standard
>interface useable by all students that gave them access appropriate to
>their demonstrated abilities at all times.

There is an assumption being made namely that people have already bought into
the GNOME panel. Thus the first question is whether or not the GNOME panel is
the appropriate GUI. Remember that Scholar Net has selected GNOME for 20
million Mexican school children. Also the GNOME project is producing  both a
word processing and a spreadsheet program which would be useable for schools
as well. 
Another question is how important is it to have a consistant look and feel
across all applications. I guess another question is how easy is it to switch
GUIs. These are questions to answer up front. Also I think there needs to be a
close tie-in with GNOME if we go that way to make sure everyone is going in
the same direction.