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Re: Launchpad and the GNOME panel

 > What I was thinking is that if Micah's launchpad could be made to
> with the GNOME panel it could give us the benefits of At Ease without
> dumbing down the standard user interface of GNOME.  I freely admit that
> I don't know enough about the GNOME panel to know if this is a
> reasonable idea to pursue, but if it is this could allow a standard
> interface useable by all students that gave them access appropriate to
> their demonstrated abilities at all times.

this sounds like "creeping featurism" to me. however, it would be
relativley easy to do. of course, I think the windowmaker wharf/dock
would be a better way to do it (it is much simpler).

please excuse me while i attempt at long last to return to the dvorak
keyboard layout.

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