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Re: Coders and projects

Douglas Loss wrote:

> Bruno Vernier, could you think about the data structures
> these programs ought to have?  You don't need to present them in strict XML
> with a complete DTD worked out; just a good description of what's needed will
>  be enough.  Then David can shoot holes in it :-), by which I mean we can
> review and discuss it.

My name's not Bruno, but I'd thought I'd throw in my $0.02. Here's a
list of things I'd want to know about my students. This is just off the
top of my head. Perhaps it could be a starting point for someone else.

For students:
* name (duh!)
* student ID#
* grade (grade in school, not course grade)
* phone (if different than parent)
* postal address
* email address
* special education label (a descriptor that would indicate the reason
the student receives special education assisstance, e.g., written
language difficulty)
* name of special education teacher
* name of guidance counselor
* name of homeroom teacher (I realize this list is very U.S.-centric,
but it's all I know.)
* allergies/chemical sensitivities (could be important in science labs)
* arrest record/gun licensing information (that one's a joke!)

For parents/guardians:
* name
* home phone
* work phone
* pager
* email address
* postal address

For a gradebook program, I would need at least the following data:
* assignment name (possibly including a comment field)
* category (e.g., quiz, test, homework, etc.)
* date assigned
* due date
* date completed
* score
* pts. possible
* unit objectives addressed (this would link to a unit planning module
that would show how my unit objectives were being addressed through the
assignments I make)

Well, that's a very quick list. I'm sure other can generate more. I'll
have to open up my mind a little. I'm not used to being in on the
initial design of something like this. It's exciting!


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