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Re: Seating (was: Re: Gradebook development)

EAMorical@aol.com wrote:
> Just trying to clarify things. To start with, we are trying to write two
> programs namely a gradebook program and a seating planer. Additional programs
> later. All programs will use the same database program yet to be selected. Key
> question, "Are all the programs to use the same GUI such as GNOME or
> whatever". I know much has been said but I havn't quite caught up with it all
> yet. Then there was something about XML. I guess the questions are, "What GUI
> are we going to use and what is it going to be written in". I would think we
> would want to stick to the same GUI for all programs. I think I'll stop here
> and see what people say.

My take on things is that we're looking at the beginnings of two
development efforts.  One is specifically administrative things like a
gradebook, a seating planner, a lesson planner, etc.  The thinking here
is that the data used by all these admin programs should be stored as
XML, probably using the IMSProject's data models as the basis for our
XML DTD.  Then a variety of front ends could be written for GNOME, KDE,
curses, or whatever, allowing access to the data regardless of the
capabilities and preferences of the end user.  This might be similar to
the way linuxconf runs now.

The other is courseware and Micah's educational launchpad.  We've lately
been talking about using the GNOME panel as the UI for the edulp, and
using some GNOME widgets (or the appropriate XML data) to store the
progress information that will be used to determine how to alter the
user's level of access to various options.  This effort hasn't actually
considered alternate UIs, I don't think.

How did I do, coach?  Did I screw anything up?

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