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-- me --
I'm a yough (18 years old) System administrator at"Le College 
Saint-Charles-Garnier". I'm french speaking and my english is a bit 
rusty since I did not have much time to write in english in the past 
years (so please try to be understanding). I've been using Linux for 
about 2 years.

--where I work --
We are currently Running a FireWall/Mail Server/Web Server/Samba 
Server on Linux 2.0.36 (debian 2.0). Our Network is Ethernet Base (10 
base T) and have 3 main Server on it 2 Novel 3.11 and 1 Linux. We 
have to network protocole installed: IPX (for the novell servers) and 
TCP/IP (Linux server / Internet routing). Most computers a running 
win95 or DOS (that's what append when you have a Boss that don't know 
a thing about Linux =-)

-- what I plan to do --
I do not currently plan on installing Linux box everywhere in the 
school but I'm always looking into way to integrate Linux into the 
exisiting structure.


Pierre-Luc Simard                College Saint-Charles-Garnier
Qc,Qc,                                  root@stormc.ml.org