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Re: [seul-edu] thin clients using Linux in the classroom?


This is the relevant Slashdot discussion about Citrix vs Linux thin clients


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From: "Dennis Daniels" <ddaniels@magic.fr>
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Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2002 8:49 AM
Subject: [seul-edu] thin clients using Linux in the classroom?

> Hello
> I've been visting campuses around San Diego lately and found that at
> some sites they are using thin clients in the classroom and in the
> libraries. They are using a product called citrix
> http://www.citrix.com/. What's interesting is that the schools are
> buying the services from other schools, in the case of at least one
> school in San Diego, Helixcharter.net, they are buying the services from
> Lemon Grove, which is a fairly small school district. The clients have
> MS products running on them. But the Citrix site says it'll run on Unix
> as well.
> To outfit a room with 30 thin client stations cost about 12K$. That's
> not including the service fees for maintaining the server and access to
> the databases. Ostensibly, the costs would be much lower if the package
> did not include proprietary licensed apps.
> I point this out because, first I'm not aware of an Open Source, thin
> client server product. And secondly, if there is one, does anyone know
> if it's being used in a public school environment?
> Anyone heard of a linux server for thin clients in the Open Source world?
> thanks
> Dennis