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[seul-edu] ISO project progress

Well, there hasn't been any for a while.  It occurred to me a little
bit ago that we we agreed that certain applications had passed Phase
2 by virtue of their being used by various schools that reported to
us.  I'm sure we can add some more apps to that list by visiting
their websites and finding that they were developed for use at a
specific school (like K12Admin) or have lists of schools that are
already using them.  If some of you would like to browse through the
apps on one or another of the categories in our Application Index
<http://richtech.ca/seul/> looking for such confirmation, that would
be helpful.

We still need people to do the Phase 1 evals on the numerous apps
that don't meet these criteria, though.  Please, folks, take some
time and do the eval on some of the apps listed at the website
above.  This needs to get done, and isn't all that time-consuming.
It's important.

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