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Re: [seul-edu] Re: viruses

Sounds like someone had SEUL-edu in their address book, and got hit with
Klez or the likes, it goes through a lookout (outlook) address book,
picks an address at random, fakes the headers as if it is coming from
that person, and then sends it out to everyone else in the address book.

This is why I run "windows" virus scanners on my Linux email servers.


On Tue, 12 Nov 2002, Dave Prentice wrote:

> Hans Paijmans wrote:
> >Huh?
> >A virus that attacks Linux? that would be a first! More information
> >please, and even then I don't believe it.
> >Paai
> It's not that there is a virus affecting Linux -- it's just that
> somebody out there is sendfing out viruses and faking the return
> address as seul-edu.
> Dave Prentice
> prentice@instruction.com

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