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Re: [seul-edu] Supporting Macs on a Linux server

>>> On Tue, 12 Nov 2002, David Bucknell wrote:
>>>> "If you do use Linux, do  you use it in a Macintosh environment
>>>> and how do you find the Netatalk solution working on your network 
>>>> for
>>>> older boxes versus OS X? Do you use Red Hat or YellowDog or what 
>>>> ever
>>>> distribution?

We are using Debian with OS X clients.  There are some challenges when
not using AppleTalkIP on the older clients (e.g. printing to print
servers over IP, etc.)

YellowDog is RedHat for the Mac hardware.  We do not use that... yet :)

apt-get install netatalk will get you up and running with home
directories on the server by default and you get that up and running in
as long as it takes to apt-get it.  Then you can add other shares, hack
up the server name, etc. if you need to.

>>>> Do any of you find the NFS a good solution with Mac OS X or is it
>>>> still better for your school to still run an AppleTalk protocol
>>>> versus
>>>> TCP/IP? "

Netatalk/AppleTalk IP is preferred over NFS, although I am not fully
aware of security issues around AppleTalk, I would guess it is much
better than NFS by default :)