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[seul-edu] General Education Online Passes 2 million hits for the year

General Education Online Passes 2 Million Hits (Pensacola, FL) 11/15/02

As of November 13, 2002, General Education Online surpassed 2 million
webhits for 2002.  GEO remains on track for passing 5 million website hits
overall within the next several months.

GEO remains a higher education partner of the Office of PostSecondary
Education of the US Department of Education and one of the top-rated higher
education web portals on the internet.  GEO continues to be a freely
available site without any banner advertising, a tribute to the support of
sponsors such as Simple End User Linux (http://www.seul.org/) and
Schoolforge, and the past support of Web Spinners at the University of West
Florida (http://www.uwf.edu/webspinners/).  Relationships with various
other organizations are also being explored.  GEO also appreciates the
efforts of such open source efforts as WOPN Radio (http://www.wopn.org/)
for their assistance in more quickly disseminating informational releases
to the open source community.

General Education Online started as a web based project of Michael Viron,
while he was attending the University of West Florida.  Since graduating
from UWF in the Fall of 2000, Michael has kept busy with continued
development of General Education Online, and assisting (in various
capacities) several organizations including Simple End User Linux,
Schoolforge, Academic Web Information Repository, and the Pensacola Linux
Users Group.