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[seul-edu] Open Source Survey


I am conducting a survey, for my masters at Houston Baptist University, 
to measure the K12 education community's receptiveness and knowledge of 
open source software.  It would greatly be appreciated if you would fill 
out the questionnaire at the link provided below.  Any identifying 
information will be kept confidential and will be reported in 
generalities.  You may email this survey invitation to anybody in the 
K12 education community that you think would like to participate in this 
survey.  Please do not post this invitation to newsgroups, mailing 
lists, etc. without first asking.  This invitation is being posted to 
suggested newsgroups and mailing lists; contact me before posting so 
that efforts aren't duplicated.  The survey will be closed 11:59 pm CST 
(05:59 UTC), December 20, 2002.

Any comments are welcome.

Thank you for your time and response.

Robin Cook
Systems Engineer
Technology Department
Edgewood Independent School District

Link for Survey - http://www.wyrms.net/pave/survey.php

Login Name - Tech#25
Password - Survey*25

Login name and password are case sensitive.