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[seul-edu] Free S/w in India

Hi !!! all,

Kerala is a small state at the Southern  tip of India, and Kochi is the 
commercial and judicial capital of that state.  The Government of the 
State has an ambitious program to bring IT education to the schools in 
Kerala, called IT@SCHOOL.  The home page is 
http://www.keralaeducation.org.  Our system is such that syllabus, and 
text books for all the 2600 schools in the State is controlled by the 
State Government.  (a few schools come under the control of two agencies 
under the Central government).

The syllabus prescribed by the government is highly centered on software 
from a particular brand.

The Kochi Free software uers' group has decided to take up the matter, 
and the first step is to move the government against the approach 
adopted by it.  We have sent a memorandum to the concerned departments 
within the government.  A text of the memorandum is available at :-

Mahesh T Pai.