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Re: [seul-edu] Resources about learning concepts?

Marcus von Appen wrote:

I hope this is not too off-topic, but it hard to find vauable resources in the net about this topic:

Does somebody know valuable learning concepts for learning foreign languages?
What is a good way to try learning foreign languages using appropriate software
Does somebody know more about proven techniques and concepts how people can
learn languages in a good way?

Background: I am currently in the phase of adding learning and review features to the LingoTeach project[1] and did not find good resources, which explain different techniques of learning foreign languages.

Due to the fact, that those features have to follow some rules, I want to implement (a few) proven 'templates', so that users can start off without the
need to know, what techniques would match best for them (they will be able to
adjust the learning techniques).


1) Show ten new words/sentences at week 0.
2) In week 1, determine, which words/sentences the user knows now very well and which not.
Show the not well known words in week1 together with several new ones
3) Show some words of week 0 in week 2 together with some new and the ones the user did not know very well in week 1
4) and so on and so on....

I do not know, how good or bad such a technique of learning is, so maybe someone else knows about good methods to learn and can point me to them.

[1] http://www.lingoteach.org

The best place to start is websites on teaching English as a foreign language, since this is the main language learning sector. You'll find a lot of nutty language learning methods, but some useful stuff as well. I recommend googling on "TEFL OR TESOL OR ESL CALL" or "TEFL OR TESOL OR ESL methodology".

Of the various non-standard methodologies I've looked at, the only one that has impressed me is Suggestopaedia, which looks like the nuttiest of them all, but does seem to work. The basic idea is that learners relax in a comfortable position and listen to baroque music while the lesson is played in the background. It doesn't work so well for grammar, but is great for passively absorbing vocabulary.


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