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hello, all

(This is the part where I'm supposed to introduce myself to the seul-edu
mailing list crowd, since I'm new here.)

I am Graham Mitchell, computer science teacher at Leander High School in
Leander, TX (which is 15 miles NW of Austin).  I live in Austin.

I currently teach five sections of Computer Science I, two sections of
Computer Science II, one section of Computer Science III, and am one of the
coaches of Academic Decathlon.  The classes are in C++.

Things I can do well:

* program in C++ (except STL and try/catch blocks; I'm real fuzzy on those)
* use vi
* write HTML, including style sheets
* program in Perl
* write documentation

Things I can't do so well:

* program in anything besides C, C++ or Perl
* find free time to write much personal code
* find free time to write much documentation
* GUI development (mostly a command-line, console guy, though I do have a
  flair for high-level useability and UI stuff if the coding doesn't get in
  the way (i.e. in VB or Borland C++ Builder))

Things I'm interested in:

* web-based assignments rather than photocopying handouts
* setting up CVS for my CS-3 students to collaborate on a project
* web/CGI-based exams and quizzes (save the trees and Scantrons, man)
* teaching computer science students the benefits of the OSS model early on
* writing myself a decent gradebook (haven't yet seen one that does things

I ran into Eric Sandeen on slashdot, who informs me there's been some
discussion about a gradebook in this group in the past (last school year, it
seems).  So here I am.

Sorry so long with my first message.  Looking forward to networking with some
other pro-linux educators.

Graham Mitchell <mitchell@cs.leander.isd.tenet.edu> CS teacher, Leander HS
"Compassion should never determine our beliefs about sin; it should 
only determine our response to those who struggle with it."
	-- Harry Schaumberg, "False Intimacy"