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Re: various things

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From: Doug Loss <dloss@csrlink.net>
To: <seul-edu@seul.org>
Sent: vendredi 8 octobre 1999 21:08
Subject: various things

> Since this list has been quiet for the past few days, I thought I'd
> take the time to throw out some disconnected ideas in the hope of
> sparking some discussion.
>    I talked to Roman a while ago about porting Topologika software to
> Linux.  He said that the company is interested, but hasn't seen much
> reciprocal interest from Linux users in having Linux versions of their
> programs.  Roman said that if we show some serious interest in having
> one or another Topologika title ported he'd make sure it got done.  Take
> a look at <http://www.topologika.co.uk> and see what you'd like to have
> for Linux, then tell us here (or Roman privately).  I'd like to see at
> least one commercial edsoft vendor do a Linux port.  If we support them
> we might see more companies looking our way.  We're not going to be able
> to write all the software schools will want by ourselves.

Doug, I don't speak for Topologika. I know the people involved and when we
spoke I said that I consider that to be the case. However, as per our
conversation, if people do show good interest in one or more of their
programs then I'm sure Brian will allow me to port it/them.

I'd be interested to know what people think about running Java applications
since this could be an interesting way forward in persuading people to port.
When I say Java I mean using the Runtime Environment and not the netscape