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[seul-edu] Software ports (was Re: various things)

Doug Loss writes:
 > > Doug, I don't speak for Topologika. I know the people involved
 > > and when we spoke I said that I consider that to be the
 > > case. However, as per our conversation, if people do show good
 > > interest in one or more of their programs then I'm sure Brian
 > > will allow me to port it/them.

If the ports are open enought to allow localisation sure school using
Linux in France will be really interested by such commercial apps.  In
fact primary schools will be even more interested in Linux port as
they budget are quite low. They are more inclined using Linux system.
I forward this to possibly interested people.

 > > 
 > I'm not at all surprised that I garbled it up.  Thanks for
 > correcting me.
 > > I'd be interested to know what people think about running Java
 > > applications since this could be an interesting way forward in
 > > persuading people to port.  When I say Java I mean using the
 > > Runtime Environment and not the netscape plugin.
 > That's an interesting question.  What do you all think?

My concern is always the same : localisation. How does Java interact
with the GNU Gettext system to internationalize Java application ? Is
it possible to use this system or an in house system should be used ?

Beside this Java is ok for me. I think it's even possible to use GTK
(wich is LGPL, this means no problem for commercial apps) and GTK is

Expect the localisation question, Java is really a good idea as such
application will touch almost all the market (including Linux ;-) In
this case Edu Soft company may get less nervous paying attention to
the Linux `yet low valuable market'.