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Re: [seul-edu] Take a look at new (GPLed) Mac emulator

rnd@sampo.karelia.ru wrote:
> For those who do not want to say 'goodbye' to old Mac  software
> (68k): there is BasiliskII (can be found at freshmeat).
> Looks very solid and is almost Macintosh LC III on AMD-K6-200.
> Emulation is at the processor level.

I used to run Executor (commercial mac emulator).  The difference
between Executor and Basilisk (and in fact all other Mac emulators) is
that Basilisk requires a Mac ROM image to run, which is illegal to own
unless you also own the Mac ROM it comes from.  Executor is a clean-room
reimplementation of the MacOS and Mac ROM, with no Apple code in it.  I
don't know how that ought to influence anybody's choice of Mac
emulators, but it's a datum to consider in the decision.

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