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[seul-edu] OT: Education resouce development.

This message is for the educators in the group, and is meant as an
aside, I will take responses personally as opposed to list postings if
it is deired.

My wife, an educator in k-8 education, asked me about setting up an
information resource.

The idea is a database, based on an individual or school survey, by
which teachers could be informed, in a timely manner, of outside
programs that might enhance the local curriculum.  What she detailed was
a survey of interests, goals, resources and wants to create a profile.
The profile could then be used to match new programs, such as the Mars
2030 project, which the students could participate in to enhance the
leaning process.

If any educators have a perspective on this, let me know, and we can
begin a dialog to expand the concept.



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