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question about Python and report Re: [seul-edu] It's quiet--_too_quiet.

On Thu, 14 Oct 1999, Doug Loss wrote:

Well, it's pity but I have no time to advance QZB :-( I  think,
that  it  must  be  knowledge  base   browser   with   teaching
capabilities (and thus include quizzes too) of some  innovative
type  otherwise  it  is  yet-another-...  which   is   not   so
interesting.  I  hear  many  critical   opinions   about   some
teaching/drilling computer programs (most of  them  because  of
inflexibility), so I do not want to  repeat  the  same  errors.
It's clear, that CAI systems of the future will  use  knowledge
bases and some smart adaptive browsers  to  help  people  learn
some knowledge areas. Unfortunately, I can't even start writing
code due to excessive business in other areas...


As for other seul-related activities, I will tell you later how
teaching Python to 10th form/grade (sp?) kids succeded.

(BTW, any advices are welcome).

Sincerely yours, Roman Suzi
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