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[seul-edu] "children's linux" and seul-edu press

from http://lwn.net/daily/ :

Children's Linux web page
Announcements, October 25
Martin Skjoldebrand dropped us a note to mention that he has put up a
website, called Children's Linux [1], on which to record Linux applications
suitable for children. He's only got one entry up there now and there must
be more ... Send him a note [2] if you have suggestions. 

Another place to look for similar information is seul-edu [3], the educational
project partnered with Simple End User Linux (SEUL). 

[1] http://www.skjoldebrand.org/ChildrensLinux/
[2] mailto:chimbis@skjoldebrand.org
[3] http://www.seul.org/edu/