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Re: [seul-edu] New (?) educational app--commercial

On Tue, 03 Oct 2000, Ray Olszewski wrote:
> Doug -- If you think this product deserves a closer look, why
> not approach
> them for a review copy? Personally, I'd like to see some
> companies develop
> viable ways to make money in an Open Source setting, so if
> this service is
> any good, I'd like to see people use it (and pay for it). But
> the question,
> "Is it any good?", remains to be answered.
Well, I'm not in a good position to do any testing, as I'm in a
university environment where we already have most if not all of
what they provide (and probably wouldn't be allowed to add the
rest anyway).  I'm not sure if SEUL/edu as an organization
should get into the position of reviewing products and rating
them, but I'd be happy to see someone on this mailing list test
it out and write a review.  We'd certainly help publicize such a
review.  That all assumes that BASCOM would be interested in the
prospect.  If someone is interested in doing such a review, let
me know and I'll approach BASCOM about setting it up.

> BTW, there is some discussion of their involvement with Open
> SOurce at URL
>         http://www.bascom.com/linux/index.html

I saw that.  They evidently have some sort of hardware (and a
little software) classified ad website at
http://osee.bascom.com.  It doesn't seem to have many entries at
the moment, and I'm not exactly sure what it has to do with Open
Source, but they're trying, at least.

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