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[seul-edu] Some help!

I'm happy to announce that Karl Pena will be taking over the
maintenance of the SEUL/edu projects page, and that Ray Olszewski
will be building and maintaining a new software page for us (rather
than our current links to Freshmeat).  I'm sure this will make both
those pages more useful than they have been under my
not-terribly-regular management.

You may remember that I put out a call about a week ago to try to
build a FAQ out of our email archives, since we're beginning to see
similar questions asked and answered regularly.  Since there hasn't
been any response to that, I'm going to see if I can't get specific
and get a better response.

Dave Prentice, you had some threads on the mailing list last month
about getting network printing working.  The subject lines were
"HELP!" and "Remote printing."  Could you go over those threads,
write up the question(s) and compile the responses into one or more
answers?  That could be one (or maybe more) entries in this FAQ.

Nick Lopez, could you do the same with the "Classroom administration
needs" thread?  Ryan Booz, how about doing the "File locking
question with Samba" thread?

These are just the ones that jump out at me from a cursory glance
through the September archives.  I'm sure there are other threads in
our archives that would be useful on a FAQ.  I'm looking for
volunteers to go through the archives and find them!

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