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[seul-edu] Sleeping Printer


I continue to work on our school Linux system -- big job, but much fun!

I have a troubleshooting question:  All our machines connect to a networked
computer-printer (just one at this point).  Printing works fine throughout the
day.  However, if no one prints for a couple of hours, the hard drive goes to
sleep.  Thereafter, no luck with printing until you wake the machine up with
the space bar or mouse. 

I have checked the BIOS and disabled all power saving -- the operating system
as well.  But still it goes to sleep.  The print machine is an old P90.

I thought maybe there was a "ping" type utility or "stayalive" utility that
would keep the printer-computer operative.  I know the usual solution is to buy
a dedicated network computer, but our school operates off of donated resources.

Any suggestions?


Robert Maynord