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Re: [seul-edu] .edu .net .org .com

In practice, they use quite a variety of things, including:

        schoolname.com          [because  it's easy to register]
        schoolname.org          [also easy to register, though not
                                longer really restricted to nonprofits]
        schoolname.net          [I rarely see it, but certainly a 
        schoolname.TOWN.ST.us   [replace ST with the 2-letter code for
                                your state, and TOWN with the code for
                                your town; the .us domain didn't really
                                catch on, though]
        schoolname.k12.ST.us    [replace ST as above; available in
                                some but not all states; in some states,
                                there is a schoolname.pvt.k12.ST.us
                                breakout too]

Given the growth in Internet domains, I doubt .com really carries much of an
implication any more about the nature of the owner.

At 07:45 AM 10/19/00 -0500, maynord wrote:
>Dear Seul Folks:
>The elementary (parochial) school where I work has decided to acquire a domain
>name.  I contacted our ISP, and they said they were not allowed to give out a
>.edu domain name.  I logged on to the Internic site (networksolutions.com) and
>read that .edu is only for universities.
>I am curious as to what you people recommend.  To use .com seems to imply a
>commercial orientation.  What do other private elementary schools use? .org
>.net ???

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